Lana Lanetta Art
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About my Art

Lana Lanetta  does not necessarily always know what she will create from one day to the next, sometimes conjuring up ideas on the spot, then the creative process begins. She loves and feels a deep connection to each and every unique piece that she creates, carefully waiting for just the right time to spring her new creation upon the world. In 2010, she held the unique distinction of winning the Miss Diaspora Beauty Competition, placing ahead of 27 other women from varying countries and wowing the judges with her intricate Christmas tree themed design. Her unique eye for fashion allows her to tailor each and every work of art to her particular customer’s desires. For the first time ever in April of 2017, Lana will be participating in the Art Allegiance Expo in New York City, showcasing her creativity for all of the world to see. Her image with her designs will be available for any and all avenues from advertisements, to photoshoots. Her jaw-dropping beauty and her marvelous talents will surely draw in the crowds for miles. Whether it is a high end restaurant or a fresh new internet conglomerate. If you can dream it, Lana Lanetta can achieve it.