Lana Lanetta Art
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Lana Lanetta was born and grew up in the quaint town of Ogre, Latvia. Coming from a blue-collar family, she marches to the beat of her own drum and has achieved the American dream and beyond. Don’t let her certification in gardening fool you, she is anything but a girly girl and She had no time to try to conform to anyone’s standards, early on she began to shape her own future, working her way up from a street janitor to becoming an adept artist. In her youth she was incredibly active, contributing to her amazing figure that she still maintains today, getting great aerobic workouts from soccer and gymnastics.

Extracurricular activities aside, sewing has always been an enduring passion that has stayed near and dear to her heart.  Despite her jaw-dropping beauty she is very unpretentious. Her eyes and smile tell the remarkable tale of her life. She makes all of her clothes and hats by hand; however, they are not mundane pieces, but rather works of art, no two stitches the same. Her works are original, expressive, and breathe life into the world as if they had a soul. She lives her dreams, and no one is going to tell her what she can or cannot do. Her parents in Latvia owned a sewing business since she was a little girl.

If you can dream it, Lana Lanetta can achieve it